Dance Floors

Video Dance Floor
This Dance floor can have custom graphics and videos playing on it as your guests dance the night away!
LED Dance Floor
This dance floor can be set to automatic or have an onsite technician generating real time colors and patterns to match the ambiance of the room and intensity of the party!
Starlit Dance Floor
Available in White or Black, this high gloss, starlit dance floor can twinkle or strobe depending on your event! Can also be used as a runway for fashion shows!
Gloss Dance Floor
Available in White, Black, or Black and White Patterned, this Dance floor will give your event the sophisticated look you are aiming for.
LED Staging
LED staging available in 7" or 14" Heights, can be set to automatic or DMX controlled. can be set to most colors.
LED Circle Platforms
Circular Dance Platforms for your guests to hop up onto and showcase their dance moves.
Stage Decks
High quality risers for bands and performers. Multiple heights available
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Concert Lighting
Providing Concert Lighting and Visual Production for concerts.
Band Lighting and Wash Lighting
Lighting up the band and providing mood lighting for all their sets.
Four Corner Light Show
Four Truss legs at the corners of your dance floor with Trussing along the top, completely encasing the dance floor with lights all around you! Immerse yourself and guests in party lighting!
Catwalk Lighting
Hosting a fashion show? Add some dramatic Catwalk lighting to give the runway the attention it deserves.
Intelligent Light Shows
We can do overhead light shows, lights on totem trussing or a custom combination. No matter the size of your event we can accommodate the right atmosphere.
Completely change the atmosphere of your event to match your event color scheme. Available in static 1 color, or wireless controlled to change as the night progresses and the party intensifies.
String Lighting
Perfect for the rustic ambiance.
Available in different tiers, add these chandeliers to add a hint of elegance to your event.
Totem Lighting
Totem Moving Lighting with a "T" Bar
Monograms & Pattern Lighting
Add a little texture or ambiance to your events walls. Monograms are perfect for corporate logos or weddings too!
Black Light Show
Add some High powered Black Lights to make everything glow! Perfect for an all white themed event.
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Special Effects

Dancing on Clouds
Perfect for First Dances or that special dance with a parent our Dancing on clouds will have you feeling like you 're on cloud 9!
Co2 Jets
Really turn up the fun with these Co2 Jets! The crowd goes crazy when you set these off during dancing!
Snow Machine
Bring Winter to your event! Perfect for winter themed parties. *Best used outdoors and indoors on carpeted areas, Dance floors will become slick*
Confetti Cannon
Add a climatic Confetti Cannon Blast to your event to have your guests raving about it for years!
LED Chandelier
Unique one of a kind spinning LED Chandelier! The perfect party centerpiece.
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Video Wall
Custom Size Video Walls. Can be used as a DJ booth or stand alone Video Walls. Display custom graphics, montages, logos or music videos.
LED Curtain
LED Curtain can display custom text and color patterns. Display messages and graphics as your guests dance all night.
HD TVs to display montages, custom graphics and more during your event. Available in 50 inch, 60 inch or 70 inches
Projection Screens
Large Screens for projecting content. Available in rear throw or front projection.
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Elevated Video Wall DJ Booth
Concert Style DJ Booth elevated in the air for a festival style atmosphere. Paired with Video wall with custom graphics.
LED Block DJ Booth
We customize these LED Blocks to create a unique DJ booth just for your event.
Arch Trussing Structures
Curved Truss can be custom designed to fit your venue and create a one of a kind look with lighting above your guests.
Ultra Booth
LED Tubing line this circular style DJ booth, and elevate the DJ a little bit above the crowd.
Truss Tunnel with Catwalk
Spandex covered truss tunnel, uplighting and Starlit dance floor catwalk makes for a grand entrance into your event space.
LED Pixel Ball Tunnel
This entrance tunnel is fully programable to light up anyway you want. Slow color change or Warp speed ahead into your event space or anything in between.
Rounded Bubble Booth
This circular DJ booth can be a great focal point DJ booth for your event.
Style Tiles
Unique patterned backdrop snap together tiles that can be up lit for a dramatic effect.
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